They got the action, they got the motion …

The British are heading to Ballerup with ‘Broken’, a ballsy dance performance brimming with bravado and brilliance

This month, let yourself be consumed by Motionhouse’s new contemporary dance drama Broken as it erupts onto the stage in its spectacular Danish premiere. Brimming with intricate visuals and adrenaline-packed trickery, the performance is an all-encompassing assault on the senses – taking the audience on a journey around Earth as they have never seen it before.

Building on the success of the international hit Scattered, choreographer Kevin Finnan has artistically curated a mind-blowing performance that will appeal to viewers of all ages and tastes.

Combining vigorous dance with sophisticated visual imagery and music, Broken is an action-fuelled display that tells the story of our precarious relationship with the planet and all its elements.

It is entrancing, delicate and poignant, whilst at the same time embracing the eccentricities of our human capacity for movement. Dancers navigate the cracks and craters of the stage with wonderful enthusiasm, transforming the stage into an illusionary world of surprise and anticipation – where nothing is quite as it seems.

Described by critics as “joyous, tender, frenetic, disturbing, funny and absolutely mesmerising”, it seems there are not enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe this theatrical experience.

Perhaps we should stop debating its brilliance and head to Baltoppen instead. Be sure to book early – the premiere has already sold out as tickets are going fast!

performances 20:00, April 22-24, also 14:00, April 23 (sold out April 22); Baltoppen, Baltorpvej 20, Ballerup; tickets: 140-210kr,;