Danish passport is sixth most powerful in the world

April 21st, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Travel website’s ranking compares visa-free travel opportunities and price

The Danish passport is the sixth most powerful passport in the world, according to a comparison by the travel search company GoEuro, which has ranked the passports from 50 countries to arrive at what the company calls the Ultimate Passport Ranking.

Power factors
GoEuro conducted a poll to find out what factors make a passport powerful. Some 75 percent of respondents cited visa-free entry to countries and 25 percent said the cost of a passport.

Passports from the top five countries – Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK and USA – all grant visa-free entry to 174 countries. The Danish passport gives access to 173.

The affordability of the passport was the factor that differentiated the top five. A Swedish passport costs just 43 US dollars, the equivalent of just one hour’s work. The average Dane would need to work for three hours to cover the 95-dollar cost of a passport.

Afghanistan is the country where passport holders have visa-free access to the fewest countries: just 28. Turkey is the home of the most expensive passport, costing 251 US dollars.

See the Ultimate Passport Ranking here.


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