Nine Danes caught in paedophile sting

April 21st, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Child welfare organisation catches men trying to buy online sex shows

Child care workers are trapping online paedophiles (photo: Cheon Fong Liew)

Nine Danish men have allegedly tried to watch webcam sex shows featuring children in a group of cases arising from investigations by child welfare organisation Terre des Hommes in the Netherlands.

On Monday, Frederiksberg District Court sentenced a 62-year-old man to psychiatric treatment in the first case tried thus far. Other cases are still pending and there has been one more charge.

No real victims
The cases are complicated, because there is no real victim. The children the men are trying to view are fictitious, created by Terre des Hommes to lure paedophiles.

“Terre des Hommes set out to find out whether there were men who were willing to pay money for sex with children,” Jesper Holm from the Copenhagen Police told the court yesterday. “They discovered about 1,000 cases, including nine in Denmark.”

Some of the cases were referred to Europol, who then contacted the Danish police.

No appeal
Terre des Hommes provided copies of online chats that the man had with a childcare worker posing as someone who could provide a webcam show featuring a 10-year-old Filipino girl and her seven-year-old sister.

The accused told the worker he was willing to pay for the show.

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The man said that he would not appeal, and observers said the judgement in the case may set a precedent for subsequent cases.


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