3,000 litres of oil spilled into Danish fjord

April 23rd, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

It will take a full day to clean up

Oil blobs on the beach south of Aabenraa have to be collected in an old-fashioned way, with shovels and buckets (photo: Phillips Jereme)

About 3,000 litres of diesel oil spilled out into the Aabenraa Fjord off the eastern coast of Jutland on Wednesday afternoon.

The oil leaked from a pipe at the Ensted Power Station, a thermal power plant operated by DONG Energy.

No birds have been harmed
According to Torben Groos from Aabenraa fire and rescue services, it will take a full day to remove the oil that has made it onto the beach.

Groos reported that no birds or other wildlife animals had been harmed by the oil spill.

With shovels and buckets
“Although it is a small spill, the thin oily film covers a large area, and it is difficult to collect it because it’s simply too thin” Groos told DR.

Two boats are already collecting oil blobs that have formed in the fjord, and the Danish Home Guard has been summoned to help contain the spill.

The Aabenraa fire and rescue services are sending some 50 men with shovels and buckets to clean up the beach.



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