Failed attempt to climb Industriens Hus leaves man in a coma

24-year-old man in hospital after falling 7 metres

For reasons only known to him at the moment, a 24-year-old man attempted to climb the facade of Copenhagen’s Industriens Hus early this morning.

It did not go well.

“The man fell seven metres,” Karsten Reenberg from Copenhagen Police told BT.

The would-be Spider-Man made his attempt to scale the modern glass building on HC Andersen Boulevard at about around 04:30 this morning.

“He was taken to Rigshospitalet’s trauma centre, where he was placed in an artificial coma,” said Reenburg.

Not a cat burglar
Police would not speculate on why the man climbed the building or the type or seriousness of his injuries.

“At present we do not know whether the injuries are life-threatening,” said Reenberg. “He does not work at the building and there is no evidence that he was engaged in criminal behaviour.”

Under the influence?
The man reportedly climbed up the side of the building near the ramp to the parking garage, where there is also a high bicycle shed.

He then tried to jump down to another wall, but instead fell seven metres.

Authorities did not say whether the man was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or whether he was alone or with friends when he attempted the climb.