Thousands of Aarhus students meeting for beer, bums and boats

April 24th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Naked running race and drunken nautical challenge will be highlights

Today 20,000 students will descend on Universitetsparken in Aarhus for an event steeped in tradition, which includes a naked run and culminates in a boat race in which teams compete for a trophy called Det Gyldne Bækken (the golden bedpan).

The event was first held in 1991 and has since then evolved into a kind of one-day festival.

Packed itinerary
There is a packed itinerary. Early arrivals have been entertained since 9 am this morning by student radio and have had the opportunity to take part in a twerking competition.

At midday there will be a naked running race before talks from personalities such as Brian Bech Niesen, the rector of Aarhus University, and the city’s mayor, Jacob Bundsgaard.

The main event will be the boat race at 1:40 pm, in which 12 student unions are competing. Team members must row individually across the lake, drink a beer, spin round a bottle ten times and row back to the starting point.

Malthe Jessen, who is arranging the event this year with fellow student Gideon Strange, describes it with great enthusiasm.

A race that has everything
“The boat race has everything: drama, comedy and high-voltage action,” he told Aarhus Stiftstidene.

“And the ever-present possibility of the underdogs coming out on top.”

Last year there was a naked lapdancing competition, so who knows what the rest of the day and night has in store.


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