Dead man found in south Zealand identified

The police revealed the dead man discovered on Wednesday in a pit near Herlufmagle was 34-year-old Jonathan Holst Nielsen

The body found in a pit near Herlufmagle in South Zealand on Wednesday afternoon belongs to 34-year-old Jonathan Holst Nielsen from Copenhagen, who went missing on January 25.
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According to Søren Ravn-Nielsen, the deputy police inspector, the young man was shot and his hands and legs were tied.
The victim’s body was then concealed under water in a clay pit at Suså Landevej south of Herlufmagle.
Looking for a motif
The police did not want to reveal any further details.
”Now it is important to find out what could have been the motive,” Ravn-Nielsen stated.
“We are undertaking numerous investigations that may eventually lead to arresting the perpetrators.”
Call for witnesses
The police would like to hear from any witnesses who may have seen anything that could help the investigation.