New Lalandia on the horizon?

Christian Wenande
April 24th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Location of a third holiday centre yet to be revealed

Denmark could soon have a third Lalandia holiday centre, according to the owners of the two current centres in Billund and Rødby.

Parken Sport & Entertainment revealed to Børsen business newspaper that it was looking into the possibility of a new location.

Bo Rygaard, the chairman of the Parken Sport & Entertainment board, wouldn’t reveal the potential location of a new centre, but he expected to unveil more news within a couple of months.

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Family mecca
Lalandia is Parken Sport & Entertainment’s most profitable area of business and last year it made profits of 71 million kroner. The company also owns the football club FC Copenhagen and Parken Stadium, where the team plays.

The Lalandia concept – which hinges on water amusement parks – is immensely popular with families in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


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