Buddhism in Denmark is gaining ground

The number of Buddhist communities in Denmark has tripled since 2005

More Danes are choosing to practise Buddhism, with numbers almost doubling in the past ten years.

The Centre for Contemporary Religion at Aarhus University estimates that about 30,000 Buddhists live in the country – including immigrants from Asian countries and their descendants.

Consolidated faith
While Folkekirken (the Church of Denmark) has been complaining about losing followers in recent years, the number of Buddhist communities in Denmark has tripled from five in 2005 to 15 in 2015.

“The figures suggest that Buddhism has become consolidated in the country and there is a wide range of groups with very different geographical, cultural and institutional origins and beliefs, all recognised as religious communities,” Jørn Borup, an associate professor at the Centre for Contemporary Religion, told Berlingske.

May perform marriages
Officially recognised religious groups can, among others, seek authorisation to perform marriages as well as apply for various tax deductions.

In addition to the 15 officially recognised religious communities there are 28 other Buddhist groups in Denmark.