Copenhagen ‘Frozen’ event leaves parents, children and stars in the cold

Over-attendance at weekend show leaves pretty much everyone disappointed

A Saturday concert in central Copenhagen featuring the stars and songs of the Danish version of Disney’s ‘Frozen’ – known as ‘Frost’ in Danish – was intended to be a fun family concert.

A much larger-than-expected attendance of 8,000 to 10,000 people at the free event – which took place at Gammeltorv, a square on Strøget – made it virtually impossible for the kids to see or hear the performance.

Stars “appalled”
Maria Lucia and Kristine Yde were the singers performing  the children’s favourite songs from the Disney movie. Lucia said afterwards that she was “appalled” by the behaviour of some of the parents at the show.

“The parents who used their children to force themselves to the front actually made my toes curl,” Lucia wrote on her Facebook status.

“Almost punching each other and complaining about everything: what kind of lesson is that for children?”

Lack of costumes disappointing
Lucia also had a message for the parents and tearful children who were disappointed that the performers were not costumed as the characters from the film.

“I am sorry that many of you did not have a good time at the event on Saturday,” she snarled.

“Kristine and I did what we were hired by Disney to do. If one wants to see the characters ‘live’, then one must take a trip to Disneyland Paris. These are Disney’s rules, not ours.”

A “Frozen hell”
Lucia said they were simply “the Danish voices” of the film and could not dress like the characters. Ultimately, Lucia reminded those complaining that it was a free arrangement.

Parents still expressed their dismay at their children being disappointed.

“They promised us a ‘Frozen’ paradise, but it was a ‘Frozen’ hell,” parent Gry Revall Klærke told Ekstra Bladet.

“I do not know how many thousands of children were present, but nearly without exception, they were all in tears!”