Graduates allowed to ride in vintage vehicles one last time

April 29th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Tradition of cruising town, drinking and celebrating gets one last hurrah

These hats can still take a vintage lorry ride (photo: George)

Graduating students will have one last chance to party while driving through town in vintage vehicles.

Although new EU regulations on safety equipment effectively ban the practice, police have decided to wait until August to begin enforcing the letter of the law, allowing this year’s graduates to take one last ride.

Summer break
Rather than respond  to an overwhelming amount of requests for exemptions, police decided to hold off enforcing the law until later in the summer.

“There are many complex legal issues that need to be clarified, and there is a relatively short time before the graduations, making it difficult for some of the owners of the vintage trucks to comply with the new rules,” confirmed Rigspolitiet. “Police will continue current practices until August.”

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After August, the new rules will be enforced in full.


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