Controversial club forced to cancel Arabic-themed party because of threats

Pia Marsh
April 30th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Club manager flooded with threats on his life over a ‘Middle-Eastern Promises’ themed party due to occur tonight

The club has a history of controversial themed parties (photo: closedmouth)

Odense-based nightclub Twisted has been forced to cancel its ‘Middle Eastern Promises’ themed party tonight due to an overwhelming amount of threats from the public.

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The club, which has a history of holding wild and provocative parties, had organised for two girls to serve shots to guests wearing Muslim headscarves as part of the festivities.

However, since an article about the event appeared on fyens.dk yesterday, club manager and event organiser Amin Safari has received numerous threats – including several on his life.

“All throughout the morning, I have received threats in my inbox. They write ‘you disbelieving dog’, ‘little slut’, ‘shame on you’ and things like that,” Safari told Metroxpress.

No stranger to shock factor
Safari has asserted that he is “extremely shocked” by the harsh reaction, as the controversial nightclub has a history of testing limits with its wide variety of themed parties.

“In the past, we have had some wild events – some with snakes and girls in cages. All very crazy, but never anything in a threatening manner. It’s all just for fun,” Safari continued.

Repeat offender
According to Safari, this is not the first time the club has held an Arabic-themed event.

“Three years ago, we held a theme called ‘haram’, where there was a picture of a girl in a burka in a cocktail glass. We still have the picture. But I will not use it tonight. It is simply too risky,” he said.

He adds that several of the threats are very serious and personal, with threats on his life and stern warnings such as “we will come after you”.

“Call me naive, but I do not understand it,” he said.

He has not yet decided whether to report the threats to the police.

Celebrating the headscarf
Safari is quick to assert that the purpose of the party was to highlight and celebrate the Islamic headscarf.

He has previously been quoted on the blog Summerjoyas, saying: “We are trying to ‘make a statement’ by saying that it should be a choice and not a compulsion. Wearing a headscarf is the most beautiful and symbolic thing you can do. I get upset when I see that it is under duress.”

The party is now cancelled. However the club maintains that it will still uphold a ‘regular evening’, promising it is still “Twisted in spirit”, as Safari puts it.




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