Ryanair getting millions in rebates at Kastrup

April 30th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Airline getting hefty discounts for flying out of the capital

Ryanair is getting big breaks at Kastrup (photo: Arpingstone)

Ryanair is enjoying generous rebates and bonuses as it sets up shop at Copenhagen Airport. The exact amount is a secret, but recent reports say the breaks run well into millions of kroner.

“The details of our start-up discounts is a matter between us and the airline,” airport press officer Søren Hedegaard told Avisen.dk

Hedegaard said the rules governing rebates given to airlines can be found on the airport’s website.

Hefty discounts
A look at those guidelines revealed that in their first year of operation, a company can be given a 90 percent rebate on its cost-per-passenger and what amounts to a 100 percent discount on airplane fees.

If Ryanair received discounts on just half of the one million passengers it expects to fly this year, that could add up to nearly 35 million kroner in savings.

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According to the airport, the discounts will be cut over time, but they could well be in place for up to five years.

Copenhagen Airport defended the policy, saying it had to have a rebate system in place in order to compete with other airports.

“Copenhagen Airport’s startup discounts are perfectly fair and equal for all,” said Hedegaard.


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