Shot-serving, headscarf party girls in the news

Lucie Rychla
April 30th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Club owner believes the garments are beautiful providing they are worn willingly

Spreading the message that women wearing headscarves are beautiful (photo: Christiaan Triebert)

An Odense-based nightclub owner has decided to spread the message that women with headscarves are beautiful if they wear them with joy.

Introducing ‘Middle Eastern Promises’, Amis Safari has hired two events girls wearing headscarves to serve shots at his Thursday club Twisted.

If you wear it, wear it with joy
“Wearing a headscarf is an incredibly beautiful thing, but the beauty is ruined if you are not wearing it willingly,” Safari told fyens.dk

“It makes me feel really angry.  This is not how you should live a life.”

Snakes and painted women
The club Twisted is a Thursdays-only club on Lille Gråbrødrestræde in Odense, which is most nights filled by the Voyer club.

Twisted is well known for hosting wild parties with snakes and painted women in cages.


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