Brian’s Brainteaser

In association with the Globe Quiz

Win entry for a team of five to the fortnightly Globe Quiz plus a pitcher of carlsberg!

How to win:

Identify what the clues in each section have in common, and then deduce the link between your six answers to solve Brian’s Brainteaser.

The first correct submission to will win the prize, which must be used by the end of June (see page G11 for more details).

Look out for the answers in next month’s edition.
Good Luck!

Louis Armstrong, Frederic Chopin, Mozart, John Lennon

Pete Best, Stuart Sutcliffe, George Martin, Eric Clapton, Brian Epstein

Tom Jones, Bruce Forsyth, Carlos Menem, Bob Marley, Nick Jonas

Holy Ghost, Luciano Pavarotti, Julius Caesar, Crackle, Aramis, Eli Wallach

Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Monty vs Fox twice, Rodriguez for $7,000, Noma predecessor, Doménikos Theotokópoulos

Sid and Eddie, Kananga’s alias, smallest amigo, Disney prince, wandmaker, girly Sean