Denmark gives millions to independent media in developing countries

Mogens Jensen hosting the Global Media Freedom Conference

The Danish government has earmarked 20 million kroner for independent media in developing countries to help foster democratic growth and improve free speech and press.

The funds are dedicated to initiatives that focus on building the capacity of independent media, including the promotion of the safety of journalists.

“It’s very worrying that the freedom of the media is under pressure in so many places,” said Mogens Jensen, the trade and development minister.

“An independent and critical press is essential to provide transparency to the decisions of those in power and hold them responsible for their actions. In terms of development, press freedom is a direct prerequisite for the promotion of democracy and sound government.”

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Supporting media around the world
The funding will be launched in connection with the Global Media Freedom Conference, which gathers over 100 editors and journalists from around the world.

Jensen is the host of the conference, which is arranged by the Foreign Ministry in collaboration with the international organisation for publications, Wan-Ifra.

Wan-Ifra supports more than 60 media in 12 nations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, and it will include a number of workshops focusing on digital development in media, further education for women and better protection of media in legislation.