This Week’s TV: The Hollywood star who joined a nunnery

Pick of the week: God is the Bigger Elvis (SVT2, Thu 23:25)
Over five decades on from her famous on-screen kiss with Elvis Presley in Loving You, we learn how former Hollywood actress Dolores Hart abandoned her acting career, fiancé and fame to join a nunnery in 1963.

Now known as Mother Prioress, she reflects on her struggles: from being the child of divorced teenage parents to being unready for fame.

After becoming an adored Hollywood actress at the age of 19 and starring alongside the likes of Elvis and Montgomery Clift, she left the bright lights and fortune of Hollywood to lead a more secluded life as a nun.

“God was the vehicle. He was the bigger Elvis,” says Hart now aged 76.

God is the Bigger Elvis gives us an insight into her new home and why the star left her “perfect” life to find what was missing, and how she eventually found that missing piece.

This serious and sympathetic Oscar-nominated documentary is a definite eye-opener that will keep you watching and maybe even leave you with a few tears.

Also new:
Academy award-nominated documentary Last Days In Vietnam (DR2, Tue 20:45) covers the final days of the war and the South Vietnamese people’s perilous escape from the advancing north. US soldiers faced a choice between obeying White House orders, and saving only US citizens, or treason should they try to save the locals. Many chose the latter.

Staying in murky territory, two very different documentares take us behind the scenes.

DR2, Tue 20:45 - Last Days in Vietnam
DR2, Tue 20:45 – Last Days in Vietnam

The often tear-jerking Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son (DR1, Sun 23:50) looks at the effects that the murder of a loved one can have on a family.

While The Secret Life of Uri Geller (DR2 Wed 21:30) takes us beyond spoon-bending to find out how the controversial mentalist has been working as a psychic spy.

Elsewhere, there’s another chance to see Gunned Down: The Power Of The NRA (DR2, Thu 21:35), Sex: My British Job (DR2, Thu 23:00) and The Pacific (3+, Fri 00:25); follow innovative mechanics in Black Ops Brothers: Howe and Howe Tech (K6, Sun 12:00); uncover the true Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (DRK, Wed 20:00); and don’t miss the Danish DJ Awards (Zulu, Sun 21:00).

Coming soon

billyandbillieBilly and Billie
Wouldn’t it be awkward to fall in love with your step-sibling?

Probably, but writer Neil LaBute breaks all the taboos in this new comedy.

Two step-siblings reunite after not seeing each other for a long time. They get drunk and end up having sex. Dating comes next, but it feels wrong. So will they stay together no matter what people think?

Hop on this adventure, which scored 68 on Metacritic, and find out how love shows up where you least expect it. (EN)

Sport of the Week:
And now it gets serious. Bayern Munich, walloped 5-0 in last season’s CL semis by Real Madrid, seek revenge on Spanish opposition, this time Barca, who they in turn beat 7-0 the season before (3+, Tue 20:00). Elsewhere, we’ve got live AFL (Eurosport, Sat 11:15), the ice hockey worlds (SVT4, all week), the Giro d’Italia (TV2, Sat 15:50) and the Spanish GP (3+, Sun 13:00).

Film of the Week:
From the SVT2 Orson Wells double bill, Touch of Evil (Fri 21:55) and Citizen Kane (Thu 21:30), to the DRK take on the effects of Vietnam – Coming Home (Tue 22:30) and The Deer Hunter (Thu 21:30) – to the Jason Statham love-in, The Bank Job (DR2, Fri 20:00) and Parker (TV3, Sun 21:00), aren’t we The Lucky One (TV2, Sun 21:00). (BH)




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