Copenhagen Airport aiming to reduce security waiting time

Domestic commuters have been hampered by terminal merging

In a bid to reduce the waiting time at security checkpoints by 30 percent, Copenhagen Airport is looking to employ more security personnel and establish a special fast-track for domestic commuters.

The decision by the airport to shut down the domestic terminal at the end of March has been an unpopular one for domestic commuters, who now have to negotiate the longer queues in the main terminal.

“We are sad that many commuters are frustrated and see the terminal merger as a challenge to their daily commute,” Henrik Peter Jørgensen, the head of communications for Copenhagen Airport.

“The new initiative means we can reduce the waiting time by 30 percent during rush hour in the afternoon, while the frequencies of the waiting times will also be decreased.”

The airport merged all international and domestic traffic in terminals 2 and 3 in March 28 in a bid to put domestic travellers closer to the Metro and trains.

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Air Canada expanding
In related news, Air Canada has announced it intends to expand its business in Copenhagen Airport by increasing the number of its weekly flights from Copenhagen to Toronto from three to four during the next winter period.

During the summer period, the airline offers daily flights to Toronto.

Air Canada is part of the Star Alliance global airline network that also includes SAS, United, Lufthansa, Air China and Air India.