Another Danish-led OSCE team monitoring east Ukraine

Danes team up with colleagues from Canada, Poland and Moldova

A Danish-led multinational team of OSCE observers is currently carrying out an inspection in east Ukraine to get a better overview of the situation in the conflict-ridden area.

Four Danish observers have teamed up with colleagues from Canada, Poland and Moldova in order to give the international community an insight into the ongoing conflict between Ukraine’s forces and pro-Russian separatists in the region.

“The situation in Ukraine is still worrying, and there are signs of increased tensions,” said Martin Lidegaard, the foreign minister.

“So it’s important that we continue having neutral international observers on the ground. It contributes to transparency and fosters trust.”

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Leading the way
The inspection team commenced its work on May 5 and is the second Danish-led OSCE inspection since March 2014, when Denmark led an inspection team consisting of observers from Germany, Poland, Austria and Sweden.

Back then, a Danish member of the team was detained by pro-Russian rebels in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavjansk for several months.

The Danes also took part in a Canadian-led inspection team as recently as February 2015.