Denmark’s big bridges getting an overhaul

140 million set aside to overhaul 14 major bridges

Over the coming months, construction workers will be busy on 14 of Denmark’s larger bridges in order to provide them with a much-needed facelift.

Some 140 million kroner has been earmarked for the huge overhaul project, which the road authority Vejdirektoratet has dubbed its “spring offensive”.

“Well-functioning bridges play an important role in the daily lives of the Danes and when goods need transported effectively from A to B,” said Iben Maag, a project manager with Vejdirektoratet.

“We will repair and future-proof about a quarter of Denmark’s 44 larger bridges. The continuous maintenance of bridges helps extend their lifetime and ensure the Danes get better roads for their money.”

The reparations will be accomplished over the summer, when there is less work-related traffic due to the holiday period.