Affordable film to kickstart Danish film industry

Many Danish film directors want to embrace low-budget films where the risk is higher and courage is greater

For years, the Danish film industry has been paralysed by fear and apprehension, with producers tending to stick to low-risk film productions that are certain to make a profit.

However, this week, the directors body the Association of Danish Film Directors (ADFD) has voiced its desire for change with a proposal including a number of new initiatives aimed at stepping up low-budget film production – a necessity, they say, if Denmark wishes to retain talent and energy in its creative output.

A fear that must be shaken 
According to the ADFD, a lack of support for low-budget filmmakers has led to a notable decline in the production of Danish films.

“We can sense the anxiety that has crept into the film industry. When we present an idea, the focus is less on the idea than on how much money it can make in the market,” ADFD chair Christina Rosendahl told Politiken.

The ADFD has presented a number of proposals to the industry. One such proposal includes a suggestion that low-budget film productions should be able to apply for all of the initiatives run by the Danish Film Institute: including aid of five million kroner and an additional low-budget support fund of 2.5 million kroner.

Stepping up film production
The ADFD has also proposed that the number of Danish films produced each year increases to 30 – a vast step-up from last year’s 19 films.

“Everyone needs to take responsibility now. We need to shake off the fear of low-budget film production,” said Rosendahl.