Nissan and Toyota recall over 23,000 cars in Denmark

Two major car manufacturers forced to withdraw over 6.5 million vehicles worldwide, and 23,000 in Denmark, due to potential problems with airbags

Yesterday, Toyota Denmark announced it would be recalling 21,000 cars in Denmark, while Nissan Denmark will be doing the same with 2,688 cars.

The announcement comes in the wake of the major car manufacturers signalling a recall of over 6.5 million cars globally, following fears that airbags may explode and send shrapnel flying towards drivers and passengers.

Airbag faults the cause
Rene Mouritsen, a customer service manager at Toyota, explained to TV2 that the decision was made after investigators uncovered moisture problems that could hinder the inflation of the airbag.

“There is a risk that the airbag may not be triggered by force as it should – or that the airbag may explode in a way that was different to how it was intended,” he said.

“Ultimately, this means there is a potential risk for damage, both to the driver and passengers.”

He stressed, however, that Toyota has no existing cases of any Toyota car owners been injured.

Takata takes the blame
Ann Stroeby, the PR manager of Nissan Denmark, told TV2 there is a known fault with the airbag manufacturer, the Japanese-based company Takata.

“The situation is extremely frustrating. However, we are primarily frustrated on behalf of our customers and the trouble this causes them,” Mouritsen said.

“The owners of the cars [listed below] will automatically be called by a Nissan or Toyota workshop. The car will be checked, and if there is an error, it will be replaced,” Mouritsen said.

“And of course, it’s completely free for the car owner,” added Stroeby.