Out and about: Liberated in the big outdoors


On the first weekend of May to mark Liberation Day, StreetDinners put on a number of gatherings around the city to promote its ideals on food sharing. The goal is to bring people together while they cook (left: locals cooking at Korsgadehallen, Nørrebro) and then eat collectively outside, whether it’s in the street (centre left: Hjalmar Brantings Plads, Østerbro), the park (centre and centre left – Korsgadehallen, Nørrebro), a square (right: Toftegårds Plads, Valby), or any venue the organiser chooses. Food is always an excellent excuse to get to know more the people who live near you. Look out for the next round of StreetDinners, so you can take part.

Hjalmar Brantings PladsØsterbro Korsgadehallen Nørrebro valby