Flex with Becks – Week 7: Two months in, your weaknesses have nowhere to hide

Tailor-making training regimes to increase injury avoidance is crucial


My fitness regime with Kayser is closing in on its second month, and I am loving it more and more.

Reaching my former level of fitness has been my goal for a while. However, even as a former competitive athlete, when I had a trainer to focus on my training plan for me and all I had to do was perform, I didn’t know how to approach a recovery strategy properly in the past. This led to many re-injuries and frustrations after I left the team.

Tailoring is key
Kayser has been tailoring my training units to constantly work on and stabilise my weak points to prevent injury, while still moving forward constantly and helping me to achieve new milestones on a weekly basis.

Training with Kayser has been a fantastic and rewarding experience, and I cannot wait to see how much more I will be able to improve on my performance now that my body is strengthened and a basic level of fitness has been re-established.

No matter if you’re injured or not, when training it is important to keep it dynamic and balanced, which is what KayserFitness embraces in its philosophy. There is no ‘golden rule’ really, only a certain base level, and after that training as well as nutrition should be appropriated to each individual.

Listen to your body!
As a former dancer I have a lot of body awareness, and as an athlete I tended to ignore it because I wanted to push myself too far too quickly. As a result I overtrained and made myself vulnerable to injury.

So the one bit of advice I can give anyone is to listen to your body. An exercise or diet regime that might work for some might not work for you in the same way, so stay away from following generic plans religiously.

Keeping that engine oiled
Another aim of mine within the next few weeks is to find a good physiotherapist here in Copenhagen. After years of experience of sport-related injuries and ailments, I tend to trust physiotherapists more than doctors.

Even if you’re not injured, it’s worth considering going to a physio for injury prevention in conjunction with training and/or job-related anatomical risks at least once a month.