Coop pulls microwave popcorn from shelves

Fear of dangerous packaging causes retailer to drop the pop

Coop has pulled its microwave popcorn from its shelves over concerns about fluorinated substances used in the packaging.

Recent research from Syddansk University demonstrated a link between a high fluoride content in the blood and miscarriages among women.

Coop had already started phasing out all fluorinated substances in its own brands and replacing the products with those that do not use the dicey packaging.

No alternative yet
Microwave popcorn has proved to be a tough challenge.

“We have worked hard with our suppliers to find alternatives to fluorinated substances in the packaging of microwave popcorn, but so far, it has been unfortunately in vain,” said Malene Teller Blume, the head of chemistry at Coop.

“Therefore we have decided to completely stop the sale of microwave popcorn until safer alternatives come on the market.”

Coop stores will continue to sell popcorn that can be popped in the pan and already-popped popcorn.