New restaurant offering 500 free sandwiches

World-class chef opening new joint with a bang – and free food

Masterchef winner serves kick-ass grill dishes among Pia Kjærsgaard and a stripper pole. Read all about it here.

Grillmaster Umut Ra Sakarya and his girlfriend Katrine Hjorth are opening a new bar-be-cue and grill in Nørrebro. Sakarya has decided to open the doors at Fredensgade 5 in style this Saturday by giving away free flæskesteg roast pork sandwiches to the first 500 guest through the doors when they open at 16:30.

The new restaurant is keeping the menu simple and keeping the prices down while preparing the sandwiches and desserts from scratch. The food is served on real china and in what the owners are touting as a “real” Danish atmosphere.

Pia’s place
Sakarya – who has roots in Turkey –  has made a personal invitation to DF icon Pia Kjærsgaard to stop by his new eatery and has her picture in the window.

“We do not always agree with her politics, but she seems like a nice lady and it’s all done with a loving wink,” said Sakarya. “She stands for everything that is Danish, and we do the same with pork, so we are making her our mascot.”

Sakarya has invited Kjærsgaard to cut the ribbon at the grand opening and said that he would be “sincerely happy” if she came and ate at his place.

If ultra-right wing politicos are not enough to attract customers, Grisen also features a stripper pole. During the remodel, Sakarya discovered a gas pipe that could not be moved, so he painted it red and repurposed it as a stripper’s pole that customers are welcome to use “with or without clothes”.