More drones to combat weeds on Danish fields

Expert believes farming drones have a great potential for disease control

Drones flying over cultivated fields in Denmark, which help farmers to keep an eye on crops and weeds infestation, are already a reality.

According to Poul Erik Nielsen, a crop production manager working in Landbo Syd, more of them will be used to ensure effective farming in the country in the near future.

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Quick overview of the crops
Danish agriculture is a world leader in using drone technology, and many of these remotely-controlled aerial vehicles are already watching over the crops, spotting dry or wet areas and controlling weeds in the fields.

“Typically, a holding consists of many acres, so instead of walking or driving around his fields, a farmer with the help of a drone can get a quick overview of how the crops are growing,” Nielsen told DR.

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Great potential for disease control
Nielsen sees great potential for using drones – particularly when it comes to weed and disease control.

“Drones can quickly spot areas with disease problems as well as weeds and crop failures. That way you can make a more precise effort in the affected areas,” Nielsen explained.

The manager hopes that, in the future, drones can help decrease the use of pesticides by spotting weeds in the fields, which could then be treated locally.