This week’s TV: The king of character actors


The Physician
DR2, Sun & Mon 20:00

Did American studios make the wrong move when they passed on adapting Noah Gordon’s bestselling 1986 novel adaptation, The Physician? Because judging by the public reaction in Germany (7.3 on IMDB) to this three-hour miniseries, it might be worth your time over bank holiday weekend.

“Old-fashioned, absurdly overlong, but a lovely recreation of the Dark Ages,” observed Tribune News Service about the story of a young man (Tom Payne) who leaves England in the 11th century to make a life-changing trip to learn about medicine from the Muslims in Persia, disguised (of all religions!) as a Jew due to their aversion to Christians.

There he finds fulfilment working under a master (Ben Kingsley), before things take a turn to the dark side as violence, superstition, science, religion and love come into the equation.


Kind of getting racy on DR2 this Saturday night with Brothers and Sisters in Love (21:15) and Sexting Teachers (22:05) looking at two kinds of forbidden love – but are all taboos made to be broken? Maybe we’ll find some answers in More sex please: We’re British (TV2, Thu 23:45) and The Mega Brothel, a Channel 4 doc set in Stuttgart. Nah, they’ll just include lots of smut.

But that’s not to say there are some serious, acclaimed documentaries out there. God loves Uganda explores how American fundamentalist evangelicals might be behind the homophobia in the country, while A Perfect Terrorist considers how US citizen David Coleman Headley ended up planning an attack on Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Elsewhere, don’t miss the final of Eurovision (DR1, Sat 21:00); there’s another chance to see How Sherlock changed the World (DR2, Sun-Mon 21:30), Bettie Page reveals all (DRK, Thu 23:05) and The World’s Richest Terror Army (DR2, Tue 00:20); we’ve got series 3 of Call the Midwife;  while Nail’d It! (TV3 Puls, Tue 22:00) is Project Runway for manicurists and Newlyweds (K4, Wed 21:00) is just another reality show for exhibitionists willing to share their most precious moments with just about anyone. (BH)

Grace and Frankie

“Five years! I’ve been refusing him sex for two decades”
“Five years! I’ve been refusing him sex for two decades”


A secret kept for 20 years can spin your life 180 degrees.

Two women, in their 70s, find out their husbands have been romantically involved with each other. Out of the closet, they want to get married.

The news is hard to take, so how will they hold up?

Co-created by Marta Kauffman (Friends), don’t miss out on Netflix’s reunion of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (together in Nine to Five), which will make you laugh but also make you pause … and contemplate your own lot. (EN)

Will all eyes be on the KC Stadium this Sunday as Hull City chase a win at home to Man United to avoid EPL relegation (K6, Sun 16:00)? That could all depend on whether United grab an early goal, or what’s going on at the French Open (Eurosport, all week from Sun 11:00) or the Monaco Grand Prix (3+, Sun 13:00). Elsewhere, the Giro d’Italia (TV2) and AFL (Eurosport 2, Sat 08:30) continue. (BH)

Here’s a bit of nepotistic trivia for you. Ron Howard’s younger brother Clint, who has appeared in almost all of his movies including the authentic 2003 western The Missing (DR2, Fri 20:00), played the boy in the Gentle Ben TV series. Oh happy days! Elsewhere, 2005 skater film Lords of Dogtown (DR3, Sun 22:25) is no rings, but has no flies on it either. (BH)