Hellerup upper-secondary teachers replacing iPads with pen and pad

Teachers say technology can be a distraction to pupils

Two teachers at Øregård Gymnasium in Hellerup have introduced a ban on computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices during class, and students are responding positively at the upper-secondary school, DR reports.

According to Peter Brøndum, one of the two teachers behind the policy, it is an expression of questioning the rapid technological development in schools.

More involvement in class
“We’ve gone down this path in the teaching world where we believe that IT is the way to the good life and good education,” he said.

“We forget to ask ourselves why we do these things, where we are headed and if they have the desired effect? So we began to investigate it and there are a huge number of studies that confirm that IT is enormously distracting in classroom teaching.”

Fewer temptations
Peter Krogh Johansen, a pupil in the 3T class at Øregård Gymnasium, has noticed the benefits of the new policy.

“It’s easier to concentrate in class because you’re not tempted by the computer sitting in front of you with access to the internet,” he said.

“There’s more involvement in the classes in subjects where we don’t have computers out because people don’t fall out and sit at the computer.”