Numbers of wood ticks expected to explode this summer

A mild winter and wet spring could mean huge numbers of the unwanted bloodsuckers

The indications are that the numbers of wood ticks in the nation’s forests could be exploding this year.

Steen Hedrup, a ranger from Økolariet in Vejle, said the conditions are perfect for a high numbers of wood ticks.

“I saw ticks in January,” he told DR Nyheder.

Forester Peter Bülow from Naturstyrelsen said he recently killed a deer completely covered in the little bloodsuckers.

“There was simply one next to another in all different sizes,” he said.

Check yourself
Deer are a good predictor of the number of ticks in circulation.

The mild winter has helped the ticks to breed.

“It has been a wet spring, and it’s getting warmer. The humidity will cause the population to explode.

Some ticks can transmit disease to humans, so it is important to check yourself, children and pets after being outside.