Police arrest men with automatic weapons on Øresund Bridge

Car failed to stop at a routine checkpoint in Malmö

The Danish and Swedish police arrested four men on the Øresund Bridge yesterday evening after the car they were in, which was reportedly carrying automatic weapons, failed to stop at a routine checkpoint in Malmö.

As of Friday morning, the Copenhagen Police have refused to officially comment on the case and not revealed the identities of the four men arrested, although they have been identified as being Danes and are known to the police.

However, Michael Andersen, the duty officer with the Copenhagen Police, revealed some details to Ekstra Bladet tabloid.

“The Swedish police stopped a car with three people in it,” he revealed.

“One of them jumped out onto [the artificial island of] Peberholm andmade a run for it. We brought the hounds out and found two machine guns, so there was a reason for their refusal to stop.”

The commotion closed the Øresund Bridge in the direction of Denmark for an hour from 20:30 last night. Police divers are still at the bridge searching in the area.