Unbeliebable! 16-year-old Justin Bieber lookalike has 6 million social media followers

Danish teenager uses smart social media strategy to become a superstar

He has 5 million followers on Facebook and almost 1 million followers on Instagram, gathering almost 30,000 ‘likes’ on a picture each time he puts it on social media.

One might think he is an international superstar, but alas, the truth is he is a 16-year-old Copenhagen boy who looks like Justin Bieber and dabbles in music.

Denmark’s Instagram celebrity
His name is Benjamin Lasnier – a boy who, at the age of 13, made a name for himself as Denmark’s Justin Bieber when he joined Instagram.

From there it went quickly. One ‘like’ after another rolled in, and in the space of a few years, Lasnier had built up a huge fan base across the world.

“I’m a pretty ordinary boy. I just posted a few photos to Instagram and started getting followers from China, Canada, Australia … all over the world. It was crazy,” he said in a video he sent to Jyllands-Posten.

Channeling his inner musician
“I didn’t just want to use social media to post photos of myself, so I decided to get into music. I’m an amateur guitarist, a pianist and a singer.”

Now, Lasnier is working on his debut album and the launch of his own clothing line, and he credits a large part of his success to his smart social media strategy.

“Instagram and Facebook have been great for getting my name out there and my music out. I put up a video and got 600,000 views … It’s crazy.”