World record-breaking piece of amber in Copenhagen

Pia Marsh
June 1st, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Denmark makes Guinness World Records with huge find

It might look like a bit of old rock, but it’s a record breaker (official press photo)

This week, House of Amber and Copenhagen Amber Museum are celebrating their inclusion in the Guinness World Records with a new mark for the largest piece of amber in the world.
The piece, which is estimated to be around 15-25 million years old, was found last year by miners in the Dharmasraya region in West Sumatra. At the time of discovery, it weighed more than 80kg.
The piece was tested and verified as pure amber by Österreichische Gemmologische Gesellschaft, and it is now available for viewing at the Copenhagen Amber Museum.
Alluring amber
The amber weighs 47.5 kg, measuring 57.5 x 62 x 37cm. Amber from Sumatra is characteristically non-transparent and brownish, but radiates a blue colour tone when exposed to UV-light or sunlight.
“We are delighted to get our hands on such a marvellous piece of amber and we are proud to be enlisted in Guinness World Records,” said Pia Føns, the managing director at House of Amber.
“It is an extraordinary find, and it will now be exhibited at our amber museum in Kongens Nytorv.”


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