Controversial artist pisses off Round Tower

Uwe Max Jensen sprays ‘water art’ off Copenhagen landmark

A golden shower is usually associated with something you see in weird German niche porn and not with taking in the sites and sounds of Copenhagen.

But, for a brief moment on Friday, the two interloped as the controversial artist Uwe Max Jensen generated some ‘water art’ by urinating off the popular walking street tourist destination the Round Tower.

“It’s a present to Copenhagen and Copenhageners,” Jensen said before ascending to the top of the Round Tower. “I offer them some progressive art that stands out from the formal and stiff art in Copenhagen. It isn’t my intention to piss on anyone.”

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Did a runner
Despite a powerful wind, which blew the artist’s ‘paint’ a good 25 metres across his massive street of a canvas, no tourists were reportedly hit by the falling golden droplets,

However, some had to be calmed because they thought they were witnessing someone committing suicide by jumping off the tower.

Following the happening, Jensen hastily left the landmark in an effort to avoid the police and a subsequent 1,000-kroner fine for urinating in public.

Jensen – who has gained notoriety for several controversial artistic happenings including reinacting the decapitation of the Little Mermaid while naked – was arrested earlier this year after trying to walk butt-naked through the streets of Viborg holding a bible and a koran in a happening entitled ’Black white Christian Muslim united’.