Copenhageners travelling the most this summer

North Jutlanders like staying at home

When it comes to forking out for a holiday somewhere, Copenhageners have the biggest wallet at the ready, according to a new Gallup survey for Nordea bank.

The survey showed that people from the Copenhagen region on average expect to spend 14,210 kroner this summer holiday, which is far in excess of the other regions: Zealand (11,930), south Denmark (11,810), mid-Jutland (12,250) and north Jutland (10,770).

“The vacation budget is biggest in the capital region, and it’s been that way  since before the financial crisis,” explained Ann Lehmann Erichsen, a Nordea consumer economist.

“Just 7 percent of people in north Jutland expect to holiday abroad at some point this summer, compared to in Copenhagen, where that figure is almost three times as high.”

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Three times as dear
On average, families who plan to travel abroad have budgeted to spend 23,270 kroner, compared to the 7,590 kroner that families expect to spend holidaying in Denmark.

Overall, the Danes’ expected holiday budget has increased slightly – yet another sign that the financial crisis is dissipating, according to Erichsen.