Yahya Hassan arrested in Aarhus pub

Controversial poet complains about police behaviour

It’s been a tough week for the political party Nationalpartiet.

First it was forced to give up aspirations of running as a party in the upcoming elections, and now its most famous candidate is in trouble.

The controversial poet and politician Yahya Hassan was arrested in the Aarhus bodega Under Masken on Saturday night after reportedly causing a disturbance.

According to Ekstra Bladet tabloid, Hassan was among the last guests to leave the pub on Saturday night and was arrested after behaving badly towards the bar’s personnel, refusing to reveal his name to the police and then attempting to flee the scene.

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Complaint lodged
Hassan confirmed the arrest, but told TV2 News he had lodged an official complaint with the police authorities regarding the police action.

Hassan’s lawyer, Claus Bonnez, said the police were too rough during the arrest and wrongfully confiscated Hassan’s mobile phone, which he was using to record the arrest with.