Chilly and arid: a vast mosaic of terroirs and soil types

Vino at the Chateau heads to Chile

Vino at the Chateau
Carsten Pedersen,

An up-and-coming favourite on the international winemaking scene, Chile has risen to the forefront in recent years with a range of high quality wines with fresh, distinct aromas.
Glaciers, mountains, desert
With so much geographic variety, the Chilean landscape offers a vast mosaic of terroirs and soil types.

There is desert in the north and glaciers in the south. The west offers cool breezes and a Mediterranean climate, whereas the east produces a cooler climate with wind and rough seas.

As a result of this mix, soils are healthy, well-drained, and have a variety of origins and textures.

A mother’s dream
In a small San Antonion valley just south of Valparaiso lies the boutique winery Casa Marín. Characterised by its unique cool climate terroir, the wines are internationally recognised for their quality, innovation and market value.

Casa Marín is a family business run by María Luz Marín (Marilu), a prominent winemaker who has worked on the Chilean winery scene for many years. Driven by passion, Marilu works alongside her son, Felipe, who shares the same enthusiasm and conviction to realise his mother’s dream.

Unique wines
Noted for their superior quality, Casa Marín produces a wide range of balanced, fine aromas and flavours that make them unlike any other.

Their products include a number of top-notch red and white wines, including: Pinot Noir, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Gris.