Løgismose thriving thanks to its dairy delicacies

2014 was an exceptionally good year for the Danish producer of fine food and beverages

Løgismose, the Danish producer and retailer of delicacies, had an exceptionally good year in 2014, netting 21.6 million kroner for the entire group.

The great results were achieved mainly thanks to the company’s dairy and food division, Løgismose Mejeri & Fødevarer, which made 37.7 million kroner in profits.

Their sales helped cover for losses experienced by the three remaining subsidiaries, Berlingske reports.

Success with skyr
“For the first time, we recorded a really nice growth in our gourmet trade, importing food from abroad and selling it to Danish hotels and restaurants,” Steen Halbye, the chairman of Løgismose, told Berlingske.

“Additionally, we found a hole in the market with skyr (a diary product similar to yogurt) in the other Nordic countries. Skyr is something Løgismose has always been good at making.”

Merging with Meyers
In addition to selling dairy, food delicacies and wine, Løgismose runs restaurants Kong Hans Kælder and Falsted Kro.

Last year, the group merged with Meyers Deli when IK Investment Partners bought the two companies and combined them under the name L + M.