Greek tourist stopped trying to cycle across Storebælt Bridge

Man makes it almost halfway across connection between Funen and Zealand

A tourist from Greece created a bit of havoc on the Storebælt Bridge last night when he tried to cross the bridge on his bicycle.

The man, who was cycling from Funen towards Zealand, managed to reach the island of Sprogø before the police ended his dangerous cycling escapade.

“There were a lot of people who rang us, so we went to pick him up,” Jens Frederiksen, the duty officer with the South Zealand Police, told TV2 News.

“We drove him to the toll arena in Zealand to check his papers, but there was nothing suspicious about it, so we let him cycle on.”

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Greece lightning
Even though it is strictly forbidden to cycle on the motorways in Denmark, the police let him go with a warning.

“He didn’t have much money and he needed a chance to adjust to Danish conditions,” Frederiksen said. “He made it all the way to Sprogø,  and he deserves credit for that. We haven’t experienced anyone getting that far before.”

The Storebællt Bridge connection is about 16 km long, beginning with a 6.6 km low bridge stretching from Nyborg on Funen to Sprogø – the stretch that the tourist completed before the police pulled him over.

He still had some way to go: first a 2.5 km stretch to Sprogø, and then another 6.8 km across the main Storebælt Bridge stretching across to Korsør on Zealand.