Scores of initiatives to make Copenhagen safer

108 simple initiatives to make city-dwellers more comfortable

Copenhagen Municipality has revealed over 100 simple and effective initiatives geared to improving safety in the capital.

The 108 initiatives – which have been developed based on specific proposals from the capital’s citizens – are aimed at the areas where city dwellers feel most unsafe.

“We are ready with a number of small initiatives that can increase safety in certain areas that Copenhageners have pinpointed as being unsafe,” said Morten Kabell, the city’s deputy mayor for technical and environmental issues.

“If we really want to do something to equalise the difference between the city districts, we need greater investment and long-term efforts in socially-vulnerable areas. We must generate a better city space and infrastructure, but also a social lift is required.”

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Inner city blues
The simple initiatives include everything from better street lighting to tree trimming, while about 10 percent of the initiatives were aimed at fighting cannabis dealing.

Copenhagen is generally considered a safe place to live by its inhabitants. Just 7 percent said they felt unsafe when moving about their neighbourhoods, and the crime rate is steadily falling.

But there are still troublesome areas in the capital. A new report by the municipality showed that people felt less safe in Bispebjerg, outer Nørrebro and Brønshøj-Husum. Safety levels also fell in Christianshavn and the city centre compared to last year.

The City Police has been part of the process, evaluating the many proposals and bringing a few of its own to the table.