Flex with Becks – Week 10: Motivated for the final push, and even the 7am starts

It’s time to knuckle down!


With my work schedule being pretty hectic over the last two months, I haven’t been able to train and pay attention to my diet as much as I would have liked.

Slowly, however, things are levelling out and last week’s buddy bootcamp session with my former team-mate really remotivated me.

So for the last stretch of my fitness challenge with KayserFitness, I am going to be full-in, not only during the workout sessions, but also all the areas of my daily life.

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Focusing on diet
When you have a busy schedule, it’s not always easy to get into the habit of meal planning to ensure you are eating healthily and in a calorie-reduced fashion, while making sure your body is getting all the nutrition it needs.

To really help kick-start getting into the groove of ‘dieting’ – I use this word with caution as it is misused a lot in the media and has all kinds of connotations – I am going to try out ‘Joylent’, KayserFitness’s go-to recommended meal replacement shakes.

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Consistency is key
I am also going to add more training sessions to my weekly schedule and try and really get into a routine that will help me keep going!

As I am the kind of person who has lots of different things going on, I find that having certain routines really helps me to keep up with life. So, from this week onwards, I will be attempting to get up early and be at the gym at 7am, before starting the rest of the day.

I am already regretting this public resolution.

With my fellow colleagues at the Weekly Post cheering me on though, and Kayser a constant motivator, I am sure I’ll succeed!


Nutrition tip of the week: Mango
When I was travelling in India for a half a year, I pretty much ended up living off mango lassi, fresh mango, blended mango and mango. And it certainly didn’t do me any harm. Apart from tasting good, mango is a nutritionally rich fruit with a tonne of benefits, so it’s not a bad idea to include them in your diet, unless you’re allergic. Then you really shouldn’t.

Mango is high in Vitamin C, pectin and fibres that help to lower serum cholesterol levels. Its rich source of potassium can also help control heart rate and blood pressure.

Don’t quote me on this as I haven’t tried it myself, but apparently it’s also a good skin cleanser when applied. Always worth a try I guess.

According to new research studies, mango also protects against certain cancers including colon, breast, leukemia, prostate, lung and oral cavity.

It’s also a great addition to any weight loss meal plan as it provides plenty of vitamins and nutrients while making you feel full. This is great as it’s very important to make sure you are getting all the nutrition you need while maintaining a calorie deficit. Your body will thank you.

Mango’s rich resource of Vitamin A helps promote good eye sight, fights dry eyes (for all of you who are stuck in front of computers in dry office environments), and can also prevent night blindness.

Mangos are also high in iron (ladies!) and its 25 different kinds of carotenoids (I’d explain what those are, but there’s no time and using this word makes me sound clever sooo … google it) keep your immune system healthy!