DSB finally offers free internet for all passengers

Company promises the service is also faster and more stable

An internet connection on DSB has been a long-moaned-about problem for commuters. But as of today, DSB says its work to upgrade from 3G to 4G is finished and there is a new fast connection on all IC3, IC4 and IR4 trains.

This should allow for free internet access on all intercity routes and on some regional trains.

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True to form, DSB issued a few advance excuses, warning that its new connection is not a digital superhighway. It recommends its customers should download large files at home so as not to overload the network.

“By sharing the connection there is a better chance for everyone to be connected,” Susanne Mørch Koch, the head of DSB Commercial, told DR Nyheder.

Still some holes
There will still be some gaps in DSB’s internet coverage.

“We haven’t achieved all of our ambitions with this upgrade,” Koch said. “That will require more capacity than the providers can offer right now.”