Police attacked with stones and Molotov cocktail

Officers assaulted in Vollsmose overnight by known youth troublemakers

Funen Police were kept busy in the troubled Odense suburb of Vollsmose overnight after a number of young men began throwing rocks and a Molotov cocktail at officers on duty.

“The incident started at around 8pm when a group of young men began throwing stones at a patrol car on Bøgetorvet,” duty officer Hans Frederiksen told BT.

Soon after, the young men threw a burning Molotov cocktail at the patrol car.

“We responded by sending extra police out to the area. While they were gathered, another car approached with some well-known youths from the area, who displayed entirely inappropriate behaviour towards the officers,” Frederiksen continued.

Police managed to apprehend the car, and soon after, the four men were arrested.

Repercussions will follow
In response to the attacks, Frederiksen said: “They will certainly be charged with something. If nothing else, they will be charged with creating turmoil, for which they will be fined, and then released shortly after. It has not yet been decided.”

Police continued to be present in Vollsmose until the situation calmed just past 10pm.

Built on a housing development site, the small neighbourhood of Vollsmose has become known throughout Denmark, mostly because of its high crime-rate and the large population of immigrants living in the area.