Police launch internal investigation into bribery case

Thirteen people arrested in connection with corruption case, National Police under scrutiny

The National Police has opened an internal investigation into an alleged bribery case in which 13 people have now been arrested, including an employee of the National Police.

The case concerns suspected financial relationships between public officials and private suppliers of IT to the Zealand region.

“It is obviously a matter that we take very seriously. Pending a clarification of what is going on, the National Police has no further comments,” said Nikolaj Roads, the finance director at the National Police.

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13 arrested
Yesterday, South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police, in co-operation with the Serious Fraud Office, arrested a total of 13 people in a case that has proven to be one of the most extensive in recent times.

Of the 13, six were refused bail, including a member of the National and Regional Zealand Police.

IT-firm chooses to cooperate
Earlier on today, the IT company Atea announced that it is determined to assist the police in connection with the corruption case.

“Atea will do everything possible to help Zealand and the police with the investigation and make ourselves available regarding all information we may hold,” said Atea chief executive Morten Felding.

“Essentially, it is a case that involves former Atea employees who are now employed by another IT company, and perhaps one current Atea employee,” he revealed.

There are no Atea employees currently among the detainees.