Danes are against quotas for women on boards

Fresh off the press from Bornholm: here are today’s findings according to Danmarks Statistik

Some 68 percent of Danes are against following Norway’s example and having quotas on how many women should sit on private management boards.

According to Danmarks Statistik, 74 percent of men and 61 percent of women are against the quotas. Those who are most inclined to vote in favour of the quotas are in northern Jutland (28 percent,) while central Jutland is most opposed (19 percent in favour).

The issue is one of 30 topics under discussion by Danmarks Statistiks at Folkemødet on Bornholm this week.

Here are today’s findings, according to a press release:

– Most Danes don’t think there should be a period of compulsory paternity leave, with 56 percent of men and 45 percent of women against the idea. Most young people were in favour of the quota, while the elderly are the most sceptical.

– 72 percent of Danes are opposed to the introduction of a quota system for parliamentary members’ level of education. The 16-29 age bracket are the most opposed (79 percent).

– 94 percent of Danes think it is a good idea to integrate activities such as sports, chess or music into the school day.

– 56 percent of the 30-59 age bracket believe they are saving enough for retirement, while 33 percent in the age group say they do not.