350,000 kroner statue stolen from centre of Copenhagen

Acclaimed piece of art stolen from a bench on Strøget on Thursday morning

A human sculpture worth 350,000 kroner has been stolen from a bench on Strøget in central Copenhagen.

Gallery owner Jørgen Egelund, the initiator of the exhibition that the sculpture was part of, fears that the precious aluminum work will end up as scrap.

“I certainly don’t think it is an art lover who has stolen the sculpture. I fear that it will be sold as scrap in the same way people steal copper cables,” Egelund told Ekstra Bladet.

According to Egelund, the sculpture was removed from its bolted space in front of Illums Bolighus on Thursday morning.

21 other sculptures at risk
The gallery owner now fears for the other 21 sculptures in Copenhagen, which have been developed in collaboration with the acclaimed Icelandic artist Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir.

“We are terrified that someone may steal the other sculptures,” said Egelund, who has been in contact by telephone with the Icelandic sculptor.

“I spoke to the artist yesterday and she is deeply saddened by the act. She has exhibited her sculptures all over the world, but this has never happened before, he says.

The exhibition of 22 human sculptures opened on 29 May. The sculptures have been placed in streets, alleys and parks, as well as one figure at Copenhagen Airport.

Copenhagen Police confirmed to Ekstra Bladet that it has received notification of the theft.