Bomb threat: Bailiff’s Court in Copenhagen evacuated

Copenhagen Police are currently investigating a bomb threat at Hestemøllestræde in the city centre

Copenhagen Police are currently in the process of investigating the Bailiff’s Court in Hestemøllestræde in central Copenhagen, after the court received a bomb threat early this morning.

“The Bailiff’s Court received a bomb threat at 9:27 this morning,” Sebastian Rechelsen, communications officer at the Copenhagen Police, told TV2.

“The priority for police right now is securing the area, and only then will the investigation begin. We have evacuated the building and streets around the Bailiff’s Court,” he said.

He adds that police sniffer dogs were called to the court, and that they entered the building at approximately 10:50 to begin the search.

However, he asserted: “We have not yet found anything to suggest there may be a bomb in court.”

Potential suspect in question
According to Berlingske, a man with a foreign accent called the Copenhagen City Court this morning to tell them a bomb would explode at the Bailiff’s Court.

Police are yet to confirm this information, and no further details have been released.

Under attack for the second time
This is not the first time the Bailiff’s Court has come under the spotlight in the past year.

Last September, the court was the scene of another terrible tragedy when a lawyer was shot and killed by his client’s wife.