Danish tourism industry needs more cohesion

Better co-operation would benefit everyone trying to attract tourists

The Danish tourist industry needs to do a better job at helping visitors not to develop ‘tunnel vision’ during a trip to Denmark.

That was the conclusion reached by three major players in the tourism business during a debate at Folkemødet yesterday.

Niels Feerup, the chief executive at BonBon Land, Jan Olsen, the head of VisitDenmark, and Jørgen Jensen, the commercial head at ferry operator Færgen, discussed ways to get tourists to look beyond their original destinations and experience more of Denmark.

Cooperation the key
“We need more collaborations across fields and interests,” said Jensen. ”It is time that the destinations bury the hatchet and stop fighting over the same tourists and co-operate to draw tourists to Denmark.”

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Jensen said tourists do not think in terms of municipal boundaries.

“It’s all about collaboration, original thinking and understanding what our guests want.”