Police officer convicted of stealing from a dead man

Crooked cop considering appeal

A 43-year-old Zealand policeman was today found guilty of stealing 2,000 kroner from a dead man’s wallet last September.

The court in Nykøbing Falster sentenced the cop to a 30-day conditional sentence. The officer and his lawyer are considering whether to appeal to the High Court.

“We have to think about it carefully, for what matters is that he is not going to prison,” the officer’s lawyer, Torben Koch, told TV2 News. “This may be the best possible outcome.”

Took the money, but wasn’t stealing
The officer acknowledged that he took money from the deceased man’s purse, but denied that he intended to commit theft.

The officer was on a routine call regarding a man who had died in Rødby on Lolland on 11 September 2014 when he was allegedly handed an opportunity to look into the deceased’s wallet.

A colleague became suspicious, and the theft was reported to Politiklagemyndigheden, the police complaints authority the next day.

Cop fired
The national police force was called. They arrested the officer and searched his home.

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The decision of the court means the officer will lose his position at Sydsjælland and Lolland-Falster Police.