Al Jeezera video claims Danish nationals were tortured in Lebanon

Men allege they were arrested for refusing to help PET

A  video called Outsourcing Torture released by Al Jazeera claims to have uncovered that three Danish Muslims were arrested and tortured under an alleged co-operation between Danish and Lebanese intelligence services.

The Al Jeezera video seems to counter Denmark’s image as a world leader in the fight for human rights.

Two Danish nationals of Arab origin said they were arrested and tortured in Lebanon when they refused offers to work for national security agency PET.

PET denies allegations
The men claim that Lebanon was acting on Danish orders that they be interrogated in a country with less rigorous regulations for humane treatment. They are accusing Denmark of outsourcing torture.

PET told Al Jazeera that while they “co-operate with a large number of authorities worldwide in order to protect Danish interests, they under no circumstances aid and abet torture. PET has no further comment.” Lebanon also denied involvement.

“We have friends there too”
The Al Jazeera video claims that many Danish citizens of Arab or Muslim origin were approached by PET between 2001 and 2010.

Ali Ibrahim, who is originally from Lebanon, said that while he was living in Denmark in 2006, PET offered him incentives to inform on a group that one of his brothers was involved with and then threatened him when he refused.

“We will pay you money,” Ibrahim claims PET told him.

Ibrahim says in the video that when he asked the officer what would happen if he refused, he was told he would be continuously monitored.

“I will then leave the country,” Ibrahim told PET.

“Where do think you will go?” Ibrahim claims he was told. “We have friends all over the world. Do you want to go to Lebanon? We have friends there too.”

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Ibrahim then claims that he travelled to Lebanon later that year and was kidnapped in front of his wife and children.

He claims he was held for eight months in solitary confinement and subjected to beatings, violent interrogations and torture.

Both Denmark and Lebanon have denied the allegations.